An Aching Heart’s Joy

Joy - a feeling of contentment, peace. A feeling that puts a smile on your face and a dance in your step. Joy -  not dependent on where I am or who I am with or whether or not my life feels like it is careening into the sun. Joy for me is no longer... Continue Reading →

In Memory of

As I have been exploring Berlin, I've enjoyed checking out the various memorials in Berlin. The memorials dedicated to events surrounding World War II have particularly drawn my attention. The Germans have been sensitive how they commemorate the events of the war. Many of their memorials are sensitive, focusing on remembering the victims and commemorating the... Continue Reading →

The Drive

Ding ding. The gas light chimed. "Snap," I think. I hadn't even realized I was low on gas, I had gotten so absorbed in the audio book It. I wonder how much farther I can go as I watch the gauge dip below empty. I take the next exit, panicked I wouldn't get to a gas station... Continue Reading →

Lass uns Wandern

Lass uns wandern - "Let's wander." This phrase really speaks to my adventurous, independent spirit. The thought of traveling and experiencing all that different places and cultures hold has great appeal to me. Now knowing all this, would you be surprised if I said I've never been out of the United States? Much to my... Continue Reading →

What God’s Love Is

Today I went through some of my old journals and found myself having to pause and ponder this one thought I penned in 2015: 1 John 4:8 says, "God is love." What does it mean for God to be love? What is love? 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 gives us a definition: Love suffers long and is kind; love... Continue Reading →


Who would you be at your best? Who would I be at my best? For me I dream of me at my best as a point in the future. Maybe once I have the chance to travel Europe, the United States, or even the world. Or the point that I am settled down with a husband and young children. The... Continue Reading →

Where He Wants Me

  If any of you have talked to me recently I may have shared how I have been feeling restless with where I am in life, questioning why I am at Liberty University and if the path I am on is the right one. Recently God has been pressing on me some thoughts that are really changing my... Continue Reading →

Ponderings from Others

Maybe you remember some of my posts in the past that have been a compilation of various quotes I have gathered, whether it was through a book I read, a sermon I heard, or a conversation I had. I'd like to share more quotes that I have gathered in the past couple months, most of them... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal Returns

In devotions the other day I was reading Jeremiah 31. This chapter is a prophecy full of joy and reconciliation. Because of their rebellion, God punished Israel, scattering them throughout the world. Many of the Israelites thought God had rejected them, but God hadn't rejected Israel - no, He was simply waiting for them to return... Continue Reading →

Seek First

As time goes by, things change, and life goes on various worries and fears manifest themselves. Moving down to Lynchburg, VA last month was one of those changes in life for me that brought forth some worries. Worries like, "Will I be able to financially support myself while in school?" Or "Will I have the... Continue Reading →

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